The IZUMI Foundation gives assistance to the world’s poorest people by supporting programs that improve health in developing countries.

Our Story

Created in 1998 by the lay Buddhist order Shinnyo-en, the Foundation expresses Shinnyo-en’s values of compassion, concern for others, and altruism.

In the Japanese language, izumi means water source, or fountain. The Foundation’s logo is designed to suggest a wellspring, a sustaining source of life. The image is also a reminder of the everlastingly compassionate heart of the Buddha.

To date, the Foundation has supported over 115 projects in 28 countries. As we enter our second decade, we continue to hope that our efforts will accumulate, like the countless drops of water that fill the oceans of the world.

We periodically review our geographic priorities, taking into account the recommendations of the United Nations and partner organizations.

An Introduction to IZUMI FOUNDATION