Recent Grants Awarded

IMA World Health


IMA World Health was awarded a two-year, $150,000 for the program, Lymphatic Filariasis Morbidity Management Project: Achieving LF Elimination through Disability Prevention.

Building on the success of the current hydrocelectomy project in the Lindi region of Tanzania, IMA will continue to provide support to district councils by establishing an LF Morbidity Management program with focused support for hydrocele surgery. The clinical intervention will continue to be hospital-based. Surgeons from the regional/district hospitals will establish two days per month to screen patients and prepare a list of 10 to 20 patients per hospital, depending on its operating capacity. Hydrocelectomy operations will be conducted during weekends to allow surgeons to attend to their usual patients during weekdays, when the volume of work is usually at the maximum. Following surgery, patients will be kept in the hospital for at least 24 hours for observation before being discharged. Patients undergoing hydrocelectomy will be requested to come for two to three follow up appointments after being discharged from the hospital. Patients needing specialized services for the operation will be referred to tertiary hospitals using the Tanzania referral system. With significant experience and acceptance from the communities in the program, the LF Morbidity Management Project aims to conduct 1,000 operations in 24 months, which will greatly reduce the extensive backlog of patients requiring hydrocelectomy in the region. The operations will be performed at six different sites in the Lindi region; four district hospitals, Lindi Regional Hospital, and Nyangao Mission Hospital. This intervention will be collaboration between IMA, the Tanzania Neglected Tropical Disease Control Program, and regional/district health officials.

 Overall Goal

The goal of this project is to improve the lives of men suffering from LF complications by completing the backlog of hydrocelectomy surgeries in Lindi region, Tanzania.

Lwala Community Alliance


Lwala Community Alliance was awarded an 18-month, $100,000 grant for the project, Building Up for Thrive Thru 5.

In response to the growth in both patient numbers and the need to improve health programming, Lwala Community Alliance will construct 1) Phase 2 of the hospital expansion, which includes additional outpatient space for well-child visits and family planning and much needed space for a pharmacy, laboratory services, and health records and 2) 16 additional staff quarters on site. Both builds are a part of Lwala’s launch of “Thrive thru 5,” which aims to cut under-5 mortality in half by 2016. “Thrive thru 5” will extend the current programming with pregnant women and infants to children up to age 5. To successfully enact “Thrive thru 5” LCA must expand the current clinical space and build additional staff housing.

 Overall Goal

The overall project goal is to adequately expand physical infrastructure for 1) outpatient services for children and adults and 2) expand local housing for clinical providers.

Save the Children


Save the Children was awarded a one-year, $100,000 grant for the program, Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, Nutrition and Family Planning in Kenya – Expanding on the Safe Motherhood Program.

The project will improve maternal and child health in four Turkana districts – Loima, Turkana Central, Turkana South, and Turkana East. The total number of direct beneficiaries is estimated at 86,578 women of reproductive age, 64,933 children under the age of five and 101,007 men. The project will build the capacity of District Health Management Teams; health workers; Community Health Workers; and Community Health Extension Workers to provide quality health services for women, children, and newborns and integrate nutrition and family planning into the package health services. The project will also reach women’s groups, youth groups, school health clubs, and Community Health Committees through the rollout of a comprehensive Behavior Change Communication and community mobilization strategy to educate the communities on health and communicable disease prevention and encourage uptake of health services. In addition, the project will make needed updates and improvements to health facilities and their equipment.

Overall Goal

The overall project goal is to contribute to improved maternal and child health status by strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to provide integrated health services to marginalized communities of Turkana County in collaboration with local health authorities.