Recent Grants Awarded

Asociación K’aslimaal


Asociación K’aslimaal (Hospitalito Atitlán) was awarded a three-year, $80,000 grant for the project, Nutrition Education in Rural Sololá by the Health Outreach Project of Hospitalito Atitlán.

This 3-year, nutrition-education project will target 200,000 people of 3 Maya ethnicities in the Guatemalan department of Sololá. The aim is to improve nutrition awareness in an under-educated population that endures the 3rd-worst chronic child malnutrition (stunting) in the world, and where the Spanish illiteracy level among adults commonly exceeds 60%. The project will demonstrate – using hands-on activities – the important role of conscious nutrition choices to good health, with a special focus on micronutrients in prenatal and child development.

Overall Goal

The goal for this nutrition-education project is to increase awareness of the health benefits to be derived from improved nutrition among 200,000 rural Maya residents of the Guatemalan department of Sololá.

The Carter Center


The Carter Center was awarded a two-year, $300,000 grant for the project, Schistosomiasis Control Program in Nigeria.

With over ten years of partnership with IZUMI Foundation, The Carter Center’s Schistosomiasis Control Program (SCP) continues to work with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) to fight this devastating disease in four of the nine Nigerian States in which The Carter Center SCP program operates: Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, and Enugu. The Carter Center’s SCP has three main objectives:

1. Monitoring and Assessment: The Carter Center will track treatment coverage and health education performance, and, when programmatically needed, will periodically assess the prevalence of schistosomiasis using WHO-recommended techniques.

2. Schistosomiasis Control: Health workers will control schistosomiasis with health education and mass annual treatments with praziquantel in those communities that have children with high rates of infection.

3. Health Education: Community health workers in four states (Delta, Edo, Ebonyi and Enugu) will be trained to educate people about the risk factors for schistosomiasis and what they can do to prevent the infection. Carter Center and Ministry of Health staff have created health education materials that will be disseminated by town criers, radio messages, and print media such as posters and flip charts.

Overall Goal

The goal of the Carter Center’s Schistosomiasis Control Program is to assist the Federal Ministry of Health to alleviate the suffering produced by schistosomiasis through community-based drug distribution and health education.  The Carter Center will continue providing health education, training, and schistosomiasis treatments in Delta and Edo states, and health education and training in Ebonyi and Enugu states.

Mali Health Organizing Project


Mali Health Organizing Project was awarded a two-year, $100,000 grant for the project, Community-Centric Care: Improving Maternal and Child Health in Peri-Urban Zones.

Mali Health will continue to implement their quality improvement program with community health centers to improve the delivery of essential maternal, neonatal and child care services to women and children in four poor, peri-urban communities in Bamako. Mali Health will take lessons learned from four years of implementation to rigorously measure the impact of their program and to finalize a program model for a quality improvement intervention that can be implemented in any CSCom that is struggling to provide health services to low-income communities across Mali.

Overall Goal

The goal of this project is to finalize a model of participatory, data-driven quality improvement and to fully evaluate the impact of the approach on maternal, neonatal and child health outcomes and health center operations in Bamako’s peri-urban communities.