Our partner grantee organizations share many life-saving and life-changing stories from their work in the field.

Featured Story: Ester

Foundation for African Medicine & Education (FAME) – Tanzania

On September 25, 2012, we opened our new inpatient facility and admitted our very first patient. Ester collapsed in the Clinic waiting room upon her arrival.  She came on her own, a rarity in Tanzanian, where family members almost always accompany their loved ones to hospital.  Ester was suffering from severe dehydration resulting from days of diarrhea and vomiting.  She was diagnosed with an intestinal infection – in her case an opportunistic infection.  Given her HIV positive status, she came to us immuno-compromised.  Already on anti-retrovirals, the FAME team was able to make her comfortable in a hospital bed, begin IV fluids and the necessary antibiotics she needed to fight the infection. Given her lack of support network and weakened state, the new hospital likely played a life-saving role for her that day.  Not only did she respond well to treatment, she was discharged knowing that a team of caring healthcare professionals were now accessible to her in times of crisis.